Rent on Time

We guarantee to pay your rent on time, all the time, even if the tenant were to pay late…


We know that as a landlord, there is always the worry that your tenant may struggle meeting their rent payments. The Wyatt Hughes Rent-on-Time service removes this risk ensuring that your rent is paid on time and in full, all the time the property is tenanted in order to safeguard your income and protecting your cash flow.


If the tenant were to fall into arrears, the Wyatt Hughes Rent-on-Time service will not only ensure that your rent is paid on time and in full each month; it will also cover the legal expenses and management costs incurred whilst seeking possession of the property through the courts.


Our Rent-on-Time letting service is available for both new and existing tenants; whether they be professionally employed or students. As long as they have successfully passed previous reference checks of which copies can be provided and have not been in any arrears for the last three months, we are able to offer the Rent-on-Time service.


The Wyatt Hughes Rent-on-Time service removes the risk of letting out your property so that you can have complete peace of mind and say goodbye to any rent arrears.


The Benefits:


  • Rent Collection & Guaranteed Rent Payments each month
  • Free legal expenses cover
  • Monthly payments in full up to vacant possession has been obtained
  • Hassle free and costs inclusive eviction process
  • Guaranteed monthly cash flow all the time the property is tenanted!


If you would like to find out more information about the Wyatt Hughes Rent-on-Time service, please contact our office for more information, call us on 01424426727.

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